For when you need to call in backup. A coach can offer support and guidance through a multitude of situations and challenges. They're like the roadside assistance of your health journey -- when you need them, you really need 'em! So don't wait until you're stranded in the middle of nowhere and get a jumpstart on your health!

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Carpe Diem Wellness

Recognize your body’s innate ability to heal and rediscover the power to heal from within. Coaching offers the opportunity to break down overwhelming challenges and goals into small incremental changes over a period of time
to create lifelong healthy habits without diets and without deprivation. Carpe Diem Wellness offers individual, group, and corporate health coaching services. 

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Live Well

Live Well LLC is a holistic wellness practice specializing in complementary and alternative medicine therapies to balance and restore physical, biologi- cal, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our mission is: “to empower you so you can achieve radiant health and well-being.” 


Self Healing Wisdom of Care

Dr. Rocki offers a unique expertise in alternative, complementary medicine that has been built on 35 years’ solid experience of practicing conventional (allo- pathic) medicine. For patients, this means receiving alternative healing methods in the safe and effective care of a medical doctor who is experienced in both conventional and alternative medicine. 



Dianne Mouchon Rhodes is a NGH Certified Hypnotist and Certified Projective Dreamworker. Dianne offers hypnotherapy and dream interpretation services for people who want to make positive behavior changes in their lives and for those who want to develop a deeper understanding of what their dreams mean to them.




We've all been there before: so deep in a project that we can't even see what's in front of our eyes. That's when you make a call for a fresh set of eyes to shed some new light on an old system. An outside perspective is part of a balanced company!


Scippa & Associates

Scippa & Associates and Neck Back & Beyond can help you create an organization wide workplace wellness program. They design comprehensive programs that are beyond the basics, tailored specifically to the individual needs of your staff and your organization. The connection between stress, illness and its impact on the workplace is nothing new. These programs are designed to help you achieve balance in those areas.


Mindful Healthy Life founder Jessica Claire Haney works directly with businesses to ensure that their marketing materials and digital media strategy reflect their vision and effectively engage with their customers, clients and patients for maximum outreach and exposure. Information about holistic business consulting services can be found below.