Living Life without Fear of Breaking a Bone:
A holistic approach to building strong, healthy bones

Susan Brady, MPT

Susan Brady, MPT

Susan Brady, MPT

Osteoporosis Specialist

Have you been diagnosed with osteoporosis and are worried about falling and breaking a bone?

Do you look at family pictures and see your mother or grandmother hunched over and think “I hope that doesn’t happen to me?”

Do you want to avoid taking medication but don’t know what to do instead?

Many people believe that osteoporosis in a normal part of the aging process. Though it is typical to lose some bone mass as you age, osteoporosis is not an inevitable side effect to aging!  There are natural ways to keep your bones strong and healthy so you can continue living an active life as you age.

What you’ll learn from Dr. Spiegel:

  • A 5 step integrative method for keeping your bones fit so you can continue the activities you love without fear of breaking a bone
  • 2 hidden causes of bone loss that are rarely addressed, but could be the reason behind your fragile bones •  
  • The best diet for building strong, healthy bones

Meet Susan Brady, MPT, Nutrition Consultant, Doctor of Integrative Medicine

Susan brings a rich diversity of experience and knowledge to the healthcare profession. She has been a physical therapist for 28 years and is also educated in integrative medicine and nutrition. Susan learned early on in her career that patients leading a natural, healthy lifestyle experienced less disease and a more rapid and complete recovery when injured.  

Over the years, Susan began to notice an increase in the rate of women with osteoporosis coming into her practice. Many of these women were taking osteoporosis medications and were unfortunately suffering from significant side effects, such as digestive issues, jaw necrosis and even abnormal fractures, or not seeing any improvement in their bone density scans. Many women were also seeking help to restore their bones naturally, refusing to take medications because of the vast array of side effects.

Understanding that bones, like all organs, are affected by every aspect of our health, Susan developed a holistic treatment approach to address bone loss and osteoporosis.  Her Strong BONES Method™ is a truly holistic and integrative approach combining her experience in physical therapy, nutrition and integrative medicine.  By providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to bone health, Susan can thoroughly assess and address all avenues for building a healthy, strong skeletal system.

What other people have to say:

“While providing rehabilitation after my two hip surgeries, Susan also educated me in the importance of proper nutrition for strengthening my bones and improving my bone density. She encouraged me to eat an alkaline-based diet and to eliminate the junk food I was so fond of. Not only did I heal quickly, but also the doctors were amazed by the rapid bone growth as noted on my x-rays. I continue to include chia and pumpkin seeds in my diet, as well as other foods that are alkaline based. I honestly have Susan to thank for this complete transformation in my diet which has allowed me to go back to wearing heels which I thought I would never be able to do again. Nutrition matters - I am a perfect example of good bones from good food!” ~ Rhonda G.

After being diagnosed with osteoporosis, I began sifting through all the information available on nutrition and osteoporosis, but it was confusing and time consuming.  Even though I thought my diet was good, Susan gave me advice on how to make it even better!  I benefited very much from Susan’s nutritional advice and guidance for safe and effective exercises.  My recent bone scan showed improvements in both my hip and my spine, so I am encouraged that all the changes that I have made are working! ~ Mary R.

“Susan Brady is very knowledgeable about osteoporosis. In 2016, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my lower back. Through proper exercise and nutrition, Susan was able to guide me towards a regimen that would in turn almost reverse my symptoms. Because of her method, I have been able to curb my bone loss, gain strength, and improve my overall health. I feel that I am on the road to a happier, healthier lifestyle thanks to Susan.” ~ Bellina L

“Initially, I went to Susan Brady because my family doctor told me to take a holiday from the prescription bone density medicine that I had been taking it for many years. I avoid dairy since I am lactose intolerant and sensitive to dairy protein. I was confident that Susan could recommend a superior quality calcium, balanced with other supplements that would help provide the nutrients I needed for bone health.  In addition to recommendations for supplements, she has evaluated my diet and my exercise regimen, making suggestions as needed. With guidance from Susan I have been able to maintain bone health without additional bone density medicine for several years now.” ~ Kayleen N.