Motivation Monday and Cyber Monday that will last till the end of the year

What better way to be motivated for optimal health than to give the gift of health to yourself or others? If you enjoyed the summit, and you want to own the videos plus the ebook, you can get them all at a reduced rate of $47. Then the price will go up to $97.  Click here to purchase.

Here's a sample of feedback we've gotten so far. (Plus it's been so much fun to create this series for you)

"I've now now watched several of the Summit webinars -- including the one by Neil Spiegel. All are fantastic. Even better, as a collection, they convey and reinforce the big picture view of what functional medicine and nutrition is all about, while also serving as an incredible resource for specific information and topics. Congratulations. 
From my perspective, all the pieces are finally coming together in very real terms both as a concept and in very personal ways. Am back on the wagon and on a roll.
PS  I found the webinars so extraordinary that I forwarded the last one to two friends of mine -- both of whom struggle with  anxiety and sleep.  I hope you don't mind."
 "Great video series- really enjoying it and so important! Thanks for offering this."

 "The WINā€™s summit is unique, having hands-on, hard working, medical and wellness practitioners presenting topics in pragmatic, no-fluff and easily applicable manner. Great presentations, good  slides, compassionate presenters, and great interactions including personal disclosure."

If you've benefited from the summit, please feel free to pass this link along to others and share via social media. Sign up here to view videos for free: 

To Your Health,

Lisa and Susan

If you are already convinced you will need this information for future reference (and you will!) then you can grab the series now, plus a information packed ebook, for an unbelievable savings here.

Next year the price will go up to $97
 Here's are the links to what we covered so that you can continue to listen to for free through midnight tonight:


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